When the firm was created in 1977, prospects were far from glorious. Working all by myself, I could only hope that this kind of activity would have some better future and eventually turn out to be profitable.

Our main activity has always been chimney sweeping and the construction of earthenware stoves and open fireplaces.

In the meantime, the small firm has kept growing and today it is right up there with the biggest and best-known companies in Luxembourg.

Our staff consists of more than 30 professionalists who are there to provide you with anything you need and to respond to all of your questions. As the creator of this firm, I am particularly proud to announce that my son and daughter have become my most valued partners.

accueil3In 2007 my son Martin Antony took over the company management from me. We henceforth remain a real family business whose goal is and always shall be quality, service and a price-performance ratio geared to satisfy market requirements and customers.

Our main target is the best job at the right price. This maxim has always been precious to us and we are are not about